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Good Fat

Fats have a bad name and have, in the past, been associated with a myriad of health issues. Unfortunately, all the old advice about fats threw out ‘the baby with the bath water’. Fats are an important part of the diet, but not all fats have the same effects on health. While good fats can actually lower cholesterol levels, boost brain function and help you feel satisfied, unhealthy fats can lead to chronic disease and weight gain.

Avocado Mash with Quinoa Flatbread plus Kale Salad

Taken from Sirocco: fabulous flavours from the East by Sabrina GhayourI’ve adapted it by adding quinoa flatbread and coconut yoghurt rather than dairy yoghurt. Avocado Mash with Quinoa Flatbread 1 large ripe avocado2 tbsp garlic oil (as long as oil is just infused, this is ok for FODMAPS)or plain olive oilChives, half a pack, chopped finelyCoriander, half a pack, chopped finely1 tsp ground corianderSlice of quinoa breadSea salt and black pepper For the dressing

Chocolate Orange Cake with Creme Patissiere

In the spirit of The Great British Bake Off, here is our contribution. This cake tastes good even without the Creme Patissiere. It’s gluten free, low gi (good for your waistline) and delicious! Serves 10-12 150 ml regular olive oil (plus more for greasing)50 g good-quality cocoa powder, raw is best (sifted)125 ml boiling water2 teaspoons vanilla extract150 g ground almonds (or 120g coconut flour)Zest of one orange1⁄2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda1 pinch of salt150g Xylitol or 3 tablespoons of Maple syrup3 large eggs

Lemon Smoothie

1 glass of water, coconut water or almond milkHandful of blueberries1 large handful parsleyZest of one lemonSqueeze of half a lemon1 tbsp ground flaxseeds (preferably soaked overnight)1 knob of fresh ginger, about the size of a small adult thumbnail1 tsp cinnamon1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)1 tbsp of nut butter (almond or cashew etc)A few cubes of ice (if it’s a particularly hot day!) With a high speed blender, throw all ingredients in and blend on high until creamy and smooth. You can add more liquid if you prefer a thinner consistency.

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