What nutritionists eat for breakfast – day 5


Poached egg, warmed avocado and tomatoes on sourdough rye

I didn’t have breakfast till later this morning so wanted something a little more substantial. The protein in the egg and the healthy fat of the avocado and olive oil all help to stabilise blood sugar and so keep me full till lunch which would be about five hours later. I warmed the avocado and tomato because I just don’t like eating cold food in the Winter.

I sometimes have sourdough rye bread because I do not eat wheat and the long fermentation process of sourdough has the following benefits:

– it gives the sourdough time to work on the bran of the grain, breaking it down to make it more digestible, and neutralising the phytic acid that can be difficult to metabolise. If you remember from my first breakfast post, phytic acid can hinder full absorption of some nutrients.

– it imparts a depth of flavour that cannot be found in shorter leavening time.

-it removes the need for outside leavening agents e.g. yeast. The ingredients are rye  flour, water, starter, and salt.

I’m not sure this needs a recipe as it simply two sliced baby tomatoes, half an avocado (both warmed in a lightly oiled pan), a poached egg, a drizzle of olive oil and some pink salt. If you’re interested in the nutritional benefits of Pink salt, there is some information about it on this link http://www.healthbeyondhype.com/premier-research-labs/pink-salt-12-oz-p-64.html.

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