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Digestive Health One Day Retreat | 1st June 2019 

Effective targeted solutions to IBS and digestive problems


Do your IBS/digestive symptoms dominate your life? Do they take away from things like enjoying a meal out, staying with friends, adding stress when travelling and, even reducing the energy and passion you put into your life?



This is a unique opportunity to find out what your individual triggers & causes are and, how to successfully resolve them.


The causes of IBS are different for everyone. If you would like to know why you have bloating, gas, reflux, tiredness after meals, intermittent diarrhoea or constipation & abdominal pain, our one day retreat will shine a light on the root causes.

What we offer you:
-what modern science is uncovering about the tie between your gut health and overall wellness
-the basics of how your digestive system should be working
-how your beneficial bacteria affects your mood, your immune system, digestion and absorption of vitamins etc
-how to support your gut macrobiome 
-food diary evaluation
-individual food intolerance test and gut health assessment using Kinesiology
(checking for leaky gut, Candida, parasites and much more)
worth over £80
-development of your own digestive health programme
-how your diet affects your gut health
-why too many vegetables might be making your gut symptoms worse
-how stress wreaks havoc on your gut – and what to do about it
-fermented foods masterclass
-relaxing Mantra for Health and Nourishment
-learn which natural remedies are more effective than medication

… all within the serene setting of Combe Grove Hotel, Bath. Delicious digestive health lunch and snacks are included.

We will be drawing from the latest research and our personal and clinical experience to create an individual approach.

This retreat is open to women and men.

Early Bird booking: £130 (before 8th May)

£150 (after 9th May)



Maria Bez
Maria is a registered nutritional therapist and kinesiologist. She has been in practice for over 10 years and specialises in gastrointestinal health issues. As well as seeing clients at Nourish, her clinic in Bath, she is a health writer and gives talks for schools and companies.





Sue Judge
Sue is a registered nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach. She runs local workshops on all aspects of health and wellbeing. Sue delivers bespoke employee wellbeing programmes.



Sponsored place:
This retreat may be out of reach for some people, so we would like to offer a sponsored place to a person on low or no income who could benefit from it. The cost would reduced to £60. The offer is open until 20th May 2019. Please email and outline why you would like to attend. Should more than one person apply, we will draw names from a hat.