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Pause Nourish Glow

Natural solutions to the physical and emotional symptoms of pre and post menopause

One day retreat | Saturday, 9th February 2019 | £115

Following the sold-out success of our menopause days in the Summer, we are running another retreat for any 40+ woman who wants to start feeling well during the menopause without those annoying symptoms or negative beliefs. It will help women:

  • Find energy and emotional balance so that they can do more of the things they love
  • Eliminate hot flushes, midriff weight, night sweats, low libido, incontinence, low mood etc
  • Discover the small changes to diet that can help weight loss, increase energy and prevent osteoporosis
  • Bust myths about what’s healthy i.e. is soya good or bad? And many other questions answered
  • Techniques to reduce stress (the major hormone disruptor)
  • Easy steps to show you how to use this milestone to create more fulfilment and enjoyment


The retreat includes:

  • Beautiful location with comfy and relaxing lounge: Combe Grove Hotel, Bath (
  • A short sciency bit about what happens to our bodies during menopause
  • Natural solutions to managing those pesky symptoms (not just hot flushes but the ones we don’t want to talk about: incontinence, low libido, low confidence/anxiety etc)
  • Hand outs and dietary guidelines to take away
  • Simple yoga focussing on increasing calm, joy and confidence (no experience necessary)
  • Exploration of how we can use this milestone to meet our needs and find renewed purpose
  • Find out which Bach Flower Remedies you need to help with a whole range of emotions
  • A goody bag to take away
  • Delicious, healthy lunch, snacks and drinks
  • The magic of like-minded women supporting each other

Led by experienced nutritionists, health coaches (yes, we’re going through the menopause too!), this will be a safe environment to learn, share, explore, relax and have fun.

“Menopause is an ending and a beginning, a time in which a woman deeply examines who she is, what she has done and who she now wants to be.”
Alexandra Pope


Numbers are limited to 15 people to ensure we can give you the attention you deserve

When it’s time to leave, you’ll have a toolkit of easy techniques and information to help take control of your health and menopause, as well as an improved outlook on what’s yet to come.


Sponsored place:
This retreat may be out of reach for some women, so we would like to offer a sponsored place to a woman on low or no income who could benefit from it. The cost would be half the usual price: £55. The offer is open until 1st February 2019. Please email and outline why you would like to attend. Should more than one person apply, we will draw names from a hat.

About Maria
Maria is a registered nutritional therapist and kinesiologist. As well as seeing clients at Nourish, her clinic in Bath, she is a health writer, gives talks in schools and companies.

About Sue 
Sue is a registered nutritional therapist, a qualified English Athletics running leader and Asa swim teacher. Sue also delivers workforce programmes focussing on employee wellbeing.

Facial Radiance One Day Retreat – POSTPONED please register your interest to receive new dates by emailing


Our health, happiness and beauty shine through our faces. Join us for a day of holistic techniques to enhance your facial radiance.

  • Expert nutritional advice on how to get your skin glowing
  • Lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce puffiness with your very own Jade roller
  • Learn how to use an simple kinesiology test to check which is the right aromatherapy oil blend for you
  • Easy facial acupressure to diminish lines and lift and plump the face
  • Learn Indian head massage to destress and detoxify
  • Bach Remedies for finding emotional balance
  • Exercises from energy medicine that harness the body’s wisdom to help manage stress and enhance our feelings of well-being and happiness.
  • All in the beautiful setting of Combe Grove Hotel plus delicious, healthy lunch, snacks and drinks
  • You’ll leave with some simple techniques to enhance radiance and everything you need to know about looking after your skin

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018
10—4.30pm Combe Grove Hotel Bath
A beautiful and relaxing venue


About Maria

Maria is a registered nutritional therapist and kinesiologist. As well as seeing clients at Nourish, her clinic in Bath, she is a health writer, gives talks in schools and companies.

About Amanda

Amanda Allan is a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner and is also qualified in Indian Head Massage and Facial Massage. She is also currently studying Eden Energy Medicine.