Transgender Health and Wellbeing

I have a special interest in transgender wellbeing. My son is transgender and during his transition, I researched and gathered information in order to support his health holistically. I wanted to ensure that he was able to minimise any side-effects and achieve his healthiest and happiest self. In the process I’ve learnt a lot (and this is ongoing) and developed a rounded approach to help gender variant people.

I have been in practice for over 15 years and a great deal of my knowledge base can be applied to transgender care. For example, my approach can not only help with physical symptoms (acne, weight gain/loss, post-surgical problems such as lack of sensation and scarring etc) but also emotional problems (anxiety and low mood).

I can help you tailor your diet if you are aiming to improve muscle mass or lose/gain weight.

I am happy to work with GPs, surgeons, and other health carers to provide well-rounded care.

My approach

During the first consultation, I will establish which name and pronouns are preferred. I will ensure that body parts are called by the names assigned by the person e.g. chest rather than breasts etc.

All consultations are confidential and I would not approach any client’s GP without their consent. My ethos:

  • To provide trans people with basic information about key aspects of good health and wellbeing and how secure it.
  • I understand that trans people self-identify in many ways. I therefore use the term “trans” as an inclusive term which embraces, trans, trans*, transgender, gender nonconforming, gender variant, gender queer, non-binary, non gender and neutrois identities amongst others.
  • Further, I do not seek to lecture or judge behaviour. My intention is simply to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of good health and wellbeing for trans people and help them to achieve it.

I offer one-to-one or Skype consultations. Please email me if you would like a Skype consultation: