“Testimonials: I hope you are keeping well and staying sane in lockdown 3.I wanted to drop you a note to firstly say thank you. My session with you was truly transformative and I feel brilliant as a result. Far fewer headaches, more energy, digestion back to normal and my mental health is the best it has been in a long time. I also got the news this week that I am expecting! I can’t believe it happened so quickly, and I feel incredibly blessed. Very exciting times ahead!”


Maria says on her website that she is a Nutritional Therapist and Kinesiologist; however, she is actually so much more than these few words suggest. Also on her website, she writes ‘My role is to help you make a health breakthrough’. This is exactly what she did for me, nearly ten years ago, and has done for many others, some of whom I know personally. Maria is, in my view, quite exceptional. She has a healing gift, which is informed by years of experience, high qualifications and ongoing extensive reading and research. She is quite simply worth every penny, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.



Testimonials skin before
Testimonials skin after


I am also thrilled to report and say a massive thank you for a whole week of pain-free movement. Right from that Tuesday morning my hard-to-define back pain disappeared.  I had previously been unable to sit comfortably for much more than half an hour and I realised that, after ~3 hours sitting at the desk, I was fine!  And most wonderfully, I was blissfully pain-free at night!


I highly recommend Maria’s remote consultations. I found the whole process therapeutic and thorough. I have seen Maria for several courses of treatments and each one successful. The treatment plan and diagnosis made total sense and I felt heard. The simple nutritional changes and supplements were very effective. 


Maria is a truly gifted therapist. I originally came to see Maria after having years of stomach issues from stress, traveling and a intermittent bowl obstruction due to a hernia. My system was run down and not functioning well, and despite having altered my diet, nothing seemed to help. Before our first meeting, Maria sent me a very comprehensive questionnaire, covering not only what I put into my body, but about my overall emotion and physical health history too. Most of the other therapists I’ve seen in the past, tended to focus on one specific ailment, not the whole body and I found her unusual overarching holistic approach really spot on. After our very in-depth session, Maria then sent along a plan, detailing what we discussed at the appointment, and the treatment regime going forward (dietary and otherwise), with a follow up check a few months later. I put in the effort, followed her advice and it worked. Best of all, I also have a great understanding of how the body functions overall, so I now have the ‘tools’ to be able to help myself should a problem re-arise. I’ve since gone back to see Maria a few times over the years, for various skin flare ups (a recent Rosacea), and whenever I’ve got a bug that won’t go away. In addition to her wealth of holistic knowledge she is incredibly giving of her time, always kind and honest. She is truly a lovely person, and one of the best therapists I’ve ever seen. She really is an all-around gem, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.


I signed up for the female hormone package with Nourish because for years I had a lot of pain and bad periods, and recently a polyp. My mood swings were very bad, and I often felt anxious or down for no real reason. I have had two of my 3 appointments with Maria and already everything has improved, the anxiety and feeling low has gone, my mood swings are nowhere near as dramatic, and I haven’t had any brain fog. Not only that, the pain has gone and very recently my periods have become normal. As a nice little extra my skin is so much clearer and I am not as puffy! I will continue my appointments regardless of if feel well or not, because the difference it has made is incredible and it’ll be my version of an MOT! Not only that but Maria is on hand if you need her for guidance outside of appointments, and is very supportive. I recommend her to everybody!


Thank you again for helping me and creating such a radical improvement in my health. It’s quite astonishing not to have had chest infections for two months now, during the time of year when I would always be laid out with them. My gratitude is huge.


I went to see Maria some months ago hoping that she could help me with painful and debilitating migraines. My goodness, I am very pleased I did. Not only do I feel generally so well and super-energised, but since I have been following the prescribed diet with supplements, amazingly I have suffered no further frightening attacks! If you are wondering ….Maria does not preach, she reassures, encourages and inspires! I cannot thank her enough!


Maria gave me my life back after 25+ years of Chronic Fatigue which was getting increasingly more debilitating. The NHS told me to learn to live with it as nothing could be done but Maria’s suggestion of a simple change in diet + some supplements worked miracles & my energy returned in abundance after just 10 days!!  Two years on I still follow her plan & feel AMAZING, I can’t thank her enough.


I have been seeing Maria for 3 months and I am simply amazed at my progress. I have lost over 2 stone, I feel fitter and stronger. I have been able to make clear judgements in other areas of my personal and professional life.  Maria has provided just the right level of support throughout my programme. Maria provides an excellent service. There is no pressure, I am not on a diet, I rarely weigh myself, I feel good all round – my blood pressure is probably the most significant change and in just a few weeks it has gone from a high level of concern to a level that is considered normal.  I am now well on my way to understanding how my body operates and what I need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I can look back over the last few months and see that I have changed so many of my eating habits; I enjoy my food much more.  I don’t count calories or weigh my food and I never feel hungry. For me it’s about education.  You may ask if it is that simple why everyone isn’t doing this, the answer is you need an expert to get you started. I could not have achieved this level of success without Maria and I am truly grateful for her specialist advice and support. If you have any health issues and think they may be diet related (my personal experience is that most are), I strongly recommend you contact Maria. In a few weeks it could improve you lifestyle forever.


I went to see Maria after she was recommended to me by two separate colleagues.
I was specifically seeking support with an under-active thyroid – the symptoms of which medication had failed to correct.
Maria suggested a tailored dietary approach. Having suffered from chronic back pain for 14 years, I was astounded when all pain disappeared, and even more astounded when the lethargy I have experience since being diagnosed also disappeared. In just six weeks, Maria’s advice and support has transformed my physical well being and I am finally able to see a light at the end of what has felt like a very long tunnel. Going to see Maria literally changed my life.
Highly recommended.


From the first contact I had with Maria by phone, I felt her passion for healthy eating and empathy to helping my situation. Following a burn-out last year, with complete lack of energy I went to see Maria to see whether I could get more energy from my diet and to stop the constant bloating that I was experiencing. She identified candida, a fungal infection and an intolerance to gluten and lactose. Following a tailored programme to combat the candida for 6 weeks, I can only feel the benefits. I didn’t realise how important diet was in energy levels but the eating plan I followed meant that I didn’t feel tired mid afternoon or early evening and I had the energy to spend time doing things I enjoy. Maria has helped my full recovery and gone beyond giving simple nutritional advice  towards overall wellbeing to start my new life. Thanks Nourish!


I went to see Maria in March having suffered for a couple of years with a chronic chest infection, exhaustion and weight gain. Maria took a great deal of trouble to identify what I might be deficient in and recommended some supplements and some clear and simple changes to my diet all of which have proved very helpful. I have managed to sustain considerable weight loss and am able to lead a full and active life again. I would highly recommend her.


I first visited Maria around four years ago.  I had a variety of health complaints but didn’t expect them all to be solved by seeing one person. I stumbled upon Maria’s website by chance but feel so incredibly lucky that I did. I can honestly say that her help and advice has been life changing for me. She is empathic and easy to talk to. Thank you SO much!!


Having tried everything but been unsuccessful in losing weight, I phoned Maria who came highly recommended. It was a call that has genuinely changed my life. I cannot thank her (and my friend who recommended her) enough. I have lost two stone. I am now in size 10 trousers and have never felt happier and full of energy. Nourish has a different approach to weight-loss. By feeding my body what it needs, I can still lose weight. Any woman or man who needs help in losing weight or just feeling healthier, happier and full of energy, should make an appointment with Nourish. You won’t regret it.


Maria has had a very positive effect on my health and well-being.  Her consultations and recommendations have helped me to change my eating habits and thus regain mental and physical strength and fitness.  This is also because she is very professional, well qualified and experienced in current methodology and practices.  I find her friendly and calm, always happy to offer support and advice both during consultations and afterwards by phone or email.  I really look forward to consultations with Maria as I always come away feeling good!


After taking prescription drugs for arthritis over many years, Maria’s kinesiology skills have reinvigorated my gut bacteria, I no longer take prescription drugs and, as a bonus, my weight has stabilised 8kg below its previous level.


Maria’s sessions have put me back on track. I feel informed and supported to follow a clear and holistically developed nutritional and lifestyle plan to support my health and well being. I believe Maria’s has helped me to be in the best place to be able to have a healthy pregnancy and now to keep healthy as a busy mum. I highly recommend Maria at Nourish for Nutritional Therapy and Kinesiology.


All my family have been seeing Maria for some time following various illnesses. We have all benefitted enormously, both physically and emotionally. In my own case, I would say that experiencing Maria’s kindness, wisdom and care has been life-changing. I cannot thank Maria enough nor recommend her more highly.  

Lucy’s testimonials

Testimonials: I found visiting Maria at Nourish incredibly helpful. She made me realise how many of the issues I was having were linked to my lifestyle. I made a few tweaks on her advice- diet, supplements, lifestyle changes- things that were very easy to incorporate, and immediately started to feel better. Its amazing what she can gauge through kinesiology and just talking to you.

Anthony – testimonials

It is a fascinating technique applied by a knowledgeable and sympathetic practitioner. I have noticeable improvements’

Carol – testimonials

Maria is an exceptional practitioner, very thorough , sensitive and caring.  She listens very carefully to your concerns and provides expert advice and suggestions to follow that are practical and easy to accommodate in a busy life.  I have never felt better under her care and have managed to rid myself of parasites, acid reflux and even weight “

Joe’s testimonials

“My digestion is now absolutely FANTASTIC! All that daily pain and discomfort and gas I used to suffer with – gone”.

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