How I can help you

The consultation

The consultation includes two therapies for the price of one.
My fees include a comprehensive nutritional therapy consultation and
kinesiology muscle response testing/balancing
plus time preparing your health programme.

Initial consultation (1 hr 45 minutes) £145:

Before the consultation you will receive a questionnaire and food diary to complete. This is will help me build a picture of your health, family history, major events and lifestyle. I will give you time to talk about your health concerns and present symptoms. We will identify underlying causes and when you started noticing a change in your health.

I will also use kinesiology muscle response techniques to assess and address nutrient deficiencies/excesses, food intolerances, organ or system imbalances, how stress is affecting your body and much more. I will also carry out kinesiology balancing techniques some of which are similar to acupressure.

Following the consultation, your plan will include:

  • personalised step-by-step health plan based on your goals
  • email support
  • recipes, food ideas, meal plans
  • advice on lab testing if needed

I will take into account your likes and dislikes, lifestyle and personal circumstances, and will include clear guidelines on foods that you should add to your diet and any that you need to avoid. 

Remote Consultation and Kinesiology Testing, £145:

The remote consultation includes the same as the in-person session above but carried out remotely.

I will be continuing to do what I love and support clients remotely during the pandemic. I usually carry out remote consultations and kinesiology testing for clients during Covid who prefer not to come to the clinic and those who live abroad or those too sick to attend appointments in Bath.

“I highly recommend Maria’s remote consultations. I found the whole
process therapeutic and thorough. I have seen Maria for several courses of treatments
and each one successful. The treatment plan and diagnosis made
total sense and I felt heard”. Lizzie

Follow up consultations (1 hr 15 minutes) £98:

I usually recommend between one and three follow-up consultations depending on your health problems and goals. We will discuss your progress with the diet and any supplements you’re taking, I will carry out further kinesiology muscle response testing and use balancing techniques similar to accupressure. In the consultation, will then discuss modifying the programme and/or supplements. 

Children and Teen’s Consultation, £80

At Nourish, I see children and young people with skin problems, unexplained tummy aches, as well as sleeping, feeding and immune issues. I’ve helped those who are moody, always tired or have separation anxiety, wheezy, runny-nosed or itchy.

Whether young babies, young children or teens, I assess many health markers including nutrient deficiencies/imbalances, food sensitivities and gut health.

Follow on consultations for children are £60.

30 Minute Nutrition & Health Focus, £50

Do you want to improve your diet or have a specific goal in mind? I can give you an overview and 5 steps you can take to reach your goals and supercharge your health – physically and mentally.

Packages available

You may find that the packages appeal to you. They also offer a saving on the price of individual consultations.

Digestive Comfort – £249 – 3 consultations

Hormone Freedom – £249 – 3 consultations

Detoxification : clean out the closet – – £249 – 3 consultations

Peak Health Package – £499 – 6 consultations

Private Health Insurance

Many clients with private health insurance are able to claim back consultation fees because I am a registered nutritional therapist. I am also registered with the private health insurance company PruHealth – please contact them directly to find out the procedure for making a claim for a nutritional therapy consultation.

The Consultation Cancellation Policy

Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend your appointment – this gives me time to offer your slot to another person. Appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are charged at 50% of the consultation fee. Missed appointments are charged at the full consultation fee. I reserve the right to waive the fee under exceptional circumstances.


All clients’ confidentiality is strictly protected. Having worked with many high-profile individuals, I ensure absolute discretion and can make special arrangements for discrete arrival and departures. I am happy to sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements and undergo any background checks. Your case is not discussed with others, I take suitable security measures to protect documents and that files are anonymised. If you have any questions, please contact me about our privacy policy.

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