Children’s Health

Children’s health is a priority at Nourish. Early intervention has life-long benefits for their physical and mental wellbeing. I have seen, with my own children (who are now 21 years old!), how food has had a positive impact on their concentration, fitness and choices as young adults.

Helping children eat the right foods and have a healthy, well balanced diet doesn’t have to be complicated. From my experience, learning about food and improving the younger generation’s nutrition, has an impact, not only on them, but also the whole family.

My training and experience as a Mum has led me to run a children’s clinic at Nourish helping parents to address their children’s illnesses. I also work with the excellent Neuro Balance Centre – a learning, behaviour and emotional/physical stability practice.

At Nourish, I see children and young people with skin problems, unexplained tummy aches, as well as sleeping, feeding and immune issues.  I’ve helped those who are moody, always tired or have separation anxiety, wheezy, runny-nosed or itchy.

Children’s health nutrition tailored to the age and individual

Whether young babies, young children or teens, I assess many health markers including nutrient deficiencies/imbalances, food sensitivities and gut health.

“A person’s a person, no matter how small”

Dr. Seuss

Childrens health help with eczema, asthma, tummy pains
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