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This is the best job in the world – according to me!  I've seen hundreds of clients and many of them are frustrated with the standard approach to healthcare. 

Seeing them get better, when they felt they were going round in circles, continues to make it the best job in the world. 

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Why Nourish?

Nutrition, plus much more

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Below Par/Overwhelm 

Do you feel overwhelmed, over-weight, exhausted, suffering from menopause symptoms?

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What I offer

Packages, one-to-one consultations, seminars, retreats

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Nutrition and kinesiology to help make transitioning and beyond easier and healthier

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From my lovely clients

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Meet Maria

Nutritionist, Kinesiologist
and lover of food

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Nourish opens on 27th July for in-person consultations. 


Following government advice, my professional bodies (BANT, CNHC, KA) and insurance company have permitted me to see clients face-to-face.  As remote consultations and kinesiology testing have been very successful and worked well during the lock-down, I will also continue to offer these for people who prefer it.

For clients coming to the clinic, I would appreciate it if you could follow the guidance at the bottom of the booking page to ensure we stay safe.


To book or if you would like a FREE 15 minute call.

My wish is that you keep well in body and mind.
With love

10% of all remote testing fees will be used to purchase items for our local food bank.

Are you feeling below par, in discomfort and fed up with dragging yourself through the day? Perhaps you’ve tried to adopt a healthier life-style but still feel the same. I can help you turn things around.

You don’t need to make huge changes – just the right changes for you. I offer a range of services that take into account all the things that may be affecting your health. Take a look a look around my website to get an idea of how I work.

I am a nutritionist and kinesiologist and I’ve been in practice for 15 years. In that time I’ve been to numerous conferences, seminars, researched, followed health plans, specific diets, studied and continually updated my knowledge. I’ve learnt about nutrition, homeobotanical medicine, kinesiology, homeopathy, phytobiophysics, Bach flower remedies, herbs, EFT and I continue to add more skills to my toolkit.

As well as one-to-one consultations in Bath, I also hold specialist health clinics such as fertility, children’s health, weight loss and IBS among others and you can always learn more with my cookery demonstrations and talks. I am a member of the professional bodies BANT, NTC, CHNC and ASK and fully covered by insurance.

Why Nourish?

I offer Nutritional Therapy and Kinesiology which can be a magic bullet in identifying what underlying causes are stopping you from feeling well.  It helps me to hone the programme to the individual. Combining the two practises enables me to:

  • pinpoint with better accuracy the underlying causes of ill health
  • offer practical nutritional guidance as well as hands-on kinesiology techniques e.g. acupressure to support digestion, alleviate stress etc

Example: a client came to see me whose GP told him his blood tests showed low iron status and he was prescribed Ferrous Sulphate iron tablets. This form of iron, as well as causing him constipation and stomach upset, didn’t make a marked difference to his iron levels.

At Nourish, I tested 5 different iron supplements including the one he was already taking. The only one which tested well for him was iron in the form of Bisglycinate. I recommended he took this for 3 months, made modifications to his diet and I applied kinesiology techniques to improve his digestion and absorption of nutrients.

At his second consultation, he was delighted that his energy levels were significantly better and his iron levels had increased.  A few weeks later another client came to see me who, again, had low iron. On testing her, she needed needed a completely different form of iron: iron citrate and Vitamin B12.

Our bodies are unique and what suits one person may not suit another. The testing and balancing is included in the fee.


All clients’ confidentiality is strictly protected. Maria has worked with many high-profile individuals and ensures absolute discretion. We are happy to sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements and undergo any background checks. We ensure your case is not discussed with others, take suitable security measures to protect documents and that your file is anonymised. If you have any questions, please contact us about our privacy policy.

We can also arrange for discrete arrival/departure or locations for consultations in Bath, Somerset or other UK locations.

Nutritional therapy and kinesiology can help with:

IBS, menopause (including hot flushes), autoimmune disease, thyroid conditions (e.g. hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s), weight loss, fatigue, PMT, asthma, anxiety, depression, eczema, acne, psoriasis, migraines, acid reflux, depression, stress, arthritis, food allergy, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease, ADHD, Autism, high cholesterol, diabetes, feeling below par, constipation, IBS, brain fog and cognitive decline and much more.

  • Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (MBANT CNHC)
  • Kinesiology Association Diplomate
  • BSc Nutritional Medicine
  • Diploma Naturopathic Medicine
  • Over 15 Years of Clinical Experience
  • Helped over 1000+ clients find better health
  • Certificate in Homeobotanical Therapy
  • Phytobiophysics Practitioner

Useful websites:

Kinesiology Association
Institute of Optimum Nutrition
The Institute for Function Medicine
University of West London
Chris Kresser
Dr M Hyman