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Emma Rushe offers an holistic and effective approach to health care, combining nutritional advice, kinesiology, energy medicine techniques and aromatherapy.

My journey with health began in childhood, with persistent eczema, followed by migraines and an autoimmune condition that developed during my teens and twenties. It became clear that what I ate had an impact on how I felt, and the beneficial changes I made to my diet led to health and symptom improvements. Spurred on by this, I completed a diploma and degree in nutritional medicine, which both deepened my knowledge and enabled me to help others looking for a more natural way to manage their health conditions.

Ten years later my practice has moved on to bring a flexible, effective and holistic approach to wellness. While my nutritional knowledge and expertise still form part of my practice, I now understand the importance of working with the body at a deeper level and I use a range of techniques alongside nutrition, such as energy medicine, flower remedies and essential oils, that offer the opportunity to tailor make the best treatment for each individual and bring about powerful changes in health, both physically and emotionally.

Consultations with me include some discussion of diet, symptoms and any health problems, before moving on to assessment and correction of energy imbalances using kinesiology muscle testing (including food intolerance testing) and effective, gentle energy medicine techniques. Dietary advice and relevant handouts may be given, along with recommendations for any relevant supplements, flower remedies, energy techniques and essential oils to use at home between appointments, to extend the benefits and encourage you to take an active role in your health care.

I regularly attend seminars and take part in further training to continue to develop my knowledge and skills. I a member of the professional bodies BANT, NTC, CHNC and ASK and fully covered by insurance.

I am also a writer and recipe developer, regularly contributing to the Nourish blog, among others. To find out more about me, visit

Emma works at Nourish all day on Mondays and on Thursday mornings. For more information or to book an appointment with Emma, please email, call 07974 569696 or visit