Over this year you have helped me very much, so thank you Emma! I have experimented with new recipes and am now really interested in nutrition. As I have been reflecting on the year, I am really happy with the changes I have made, helped by you. I have gained positive habits that I will hopefully continue for a long time. MH

Thankyou again for helping me and creating such a radical improvement in my health. It’s quite astonishing not to have had chest infections for two months now, during the time of year when I would always be laid out with them. My gratitude is huge. CH

I’ve received faultless care from Nourish. They took the time to really understand my symptoms and lifestyle in order to provide a tailor made and realistic plan that took account of all we had discussed. Follow-up care has been equally faultless. Emma has been readily available to respond to any queries and concerns and make adjustments to my treatment plan after subsequent appointment. The experience has been encouraging and life changing with the added advantage that I have acquired a whole new repertoire of delicious recipes. JR

I have been seeing Maria for 3 months and I am simply amazed at my progress. I have lost over 2 stone, I feel fitter and stronger. I have been able to make clear judgements in other areas of my personal and professional life.  Maria has provided just the right level of support throughout my programme. Maria provides an excellent service. There is no pressure, I am not on a diet, I rarely weigh myself, I feel good all round – my blood pressure is probably the most significant change and in just a few weeks it has gone from a high level of concern to a level that is considered normal.  I am now well on my way to understanding how my body operates and what I need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I can look back over the last few months and see that I have changed so many of my eating habits; I enjoy my food much more.  I don’t count calories or weigh my food and I never feel hungry. For me it’s about education.  You may ask if it is that simple why everyone isn’t doing this, the answer is you need an expert to get you started. I could not have achieved this level of success without Maria and I am truly grateful for her specialist advice and support. If you have any health issues and think they may be diet related (my personal experience is that most are), I strongly recommend you contact Maria. In a few weeks it could improve you lifestyle forever. Jerry

I first went to see Emma in July 2012 and am very pleased that I made the decision to go. Emma’s calm, friendly and non-judgemental manner means she is extremely easy to talk to about any health concerns, both physical and mental. She sets realistic goals, taking into account your personal circumstances, and continues to make me feel inspired and motivated to make positive lifestyle changes. Both the consultations and follow-up information that Emma sends are thorough and comprehensive and she has always been able to answer any questions I have had, showing an indepth knowledge of nutrition. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone looking to improve any aspect of their health and wellbeing, well worth the money! AM

From the first contact I had with Maria by phone, I felt her passion for healthy eating and empathy to helping my situation. Following a burn-out last year, with complete lack of energy I went to see Maria to see whether I could get more energy from my diet and to stop the constant bloating that I was experiencing. I was diagnosed as having candida, a fungal infection and an intolerance to gluten and lactose. Following a tailored programme to combat the candida for 6 weeks, I can only feel the benefits. I didn’t realise how important diet was in energy levels but the eating plan I followed meant that I didn’t feel tired mid afternoon or early evening and I had the energy to spend time doing things I enjoy. Maria has helped my full recovery and gone beyond giving simple nutritional advice  towards overall wellbeing to start my new life. Thanks Nourish!” LN

I am delighted to let you know that I feel so much better. I have been really happy, sleeping better and have had so much more energy than normal. So thank you for your spot-on “diagnosis” and advice. My aim is to lose my baby fat, and Emma devised a personal plan which suits me and my lifestyle perfectly. She constantly motivates me and has provided me with a recipe guide which is absolutely fabulous. My attitude to food has completely changed and I am now looking for more natural healthy options and this is now rubbing off on my husband too! Thank you once again Nourish. BL

I went to see Maria in March having suffered for a couple of years with a chronic chest infection, exhaustion and weight gain. Maria took a great deal of trouble to identify what I might be deficient in and recommended some supplements and some clear and simple changes to my diet all of which have proved very helpful. I have managed to sustain considerable weight loss and am able to lead a full and active life again. I would highly recommend her. JC

I have been attending Nourish centre since October 2012. Emma came across as a very friendly and encouraging person from the very first appointment. I found it very easy to communicate my problems to her. I was suffering from various health problems like insomnia, reduced immunity hence constantly suffering from infections. Lack of sleep made me lethargic, irritable and I was never alert during the day. This also led to problems of increased sugar cravings and obesity. Frankly I was quite distressed with these problems since 2011 and had tried multiple ways to improve my health but nothing changed till I finally met Emma. Emma very patiently heard me out and accordingly made a few changes in my diet. It has only been a few months but this diet change along with a few supplements has brought a significant change in me. My sleep patterns and quality of sleep has changed dramatically, sugar cravings have completely stopped as a result of which I am more energetic,alert and active. I am more motivated to lose weight now that I feel better within. The lovely recipes  Emma shared with me are easy to make and appealing to the taste buds. BP

I first visited Maria around four years ago.  I had a variety of health complaints but didn’t expect them all to be solved by seeing one person. I stumbled upon Maria’s website by chance but feel so incredibly lucky that I did. I can honestly say that her help and advice has been life changing for me. She is empathic and easy to talk to. Thank you SO much!! HL

Following my treatment for cancer, Emma has advised me on how best to rebuild my fitness and vitality, and has planned changes to my diet and supplements to protect and strengthen vulnerable areas.  She has also used kinesiology to identify and treat weaknesses.  I now feel fitter and more active than I have for years, and almost never get colds and bugs.  LM

Having tried everything but been unsuccessful in losing weight, I phone Maria who came highly recommended. It was a call that has genuinely changed my life. I cannot thank her (and my friend who recommended her) enough. I have lost two stone. I am now in size 10 trousers and have never felt happier and full of energy. Nourish has a different approach to weight-loss. By feeding my body what it needs, I can still lose weight. Any woman or man who needs help in losing weight or just feeling healthier, happier and full of energy, should make an appointment with Nourish. You won’t regret it. KW